Monday, March 31, 2014

Hauling a NuCanoe Frontier 12

Here's a look at how I haul my NuCanoe Frontier 12 to and from the water. NuCanoe offers a trailer which can be seen here but I found this to be unnecessary in my situation. Hauling a NuCanoe in the bed of a truck is quite easy.

Simply lift the front of the NuCanoe onto the tailgate of the truck. Then walk around to the rear of the NuCanoe ensuring that it doesn't roll backwards if you are using the transport cart. This can be a little difficult if on an uphill slope but still manageable. Then lift the rear of the NuCanoe and slide it into the bed of the truck. I slide mine in at an angle to maximize the surface area holding the NuCanoe. I then use two straps looped through two anchor points on my truck bed and the hole on the rear of the NuCanoe.

Make sure to remove any loose items and turn your seat around backwards so it doesn't fly up when your driving down the road. I wedge my life jacket in behind my seat which helps to keep the seat from turning and the life jacket in place. For safety I also run a rope through the life jacket clipped to an eyelet via carabiner on both sides so the life jacket can't blow away.

My truck is a 2012 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab which has a 6ft bed. Here you can see how far the NuCanoe extends beyond the bed.

I then use the extra space in the corner of the truck bed to store some of my tackle and equipment.

I also haul several things inside the cab which includes my rods, paddle, hawg trough, fish finder, and other items that could easily blow out if not secured. I put the rods inside mostly to protect them as some are very expensive.

Happy kayaking!