Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cabelas Polartec Power Dry Thermal Underwear

With a winter storm currently brewing outside, what better to do than a review on my trusty set of thermal underwear. For many the fishing season is all but over but for the truly passionate fisherman it is a year round affair. Fishing in the winter can be tough but also very rewarding. Keeping yourself warm is critical and the first step is a good pair of thermal underwear.
Cabelas Polartec Power Dry Thermal Underwear
For the past few years I've been wearing the Cabelas Polartec Power Dry thermal underwear. I've worn this set from temperatures of 70 degrees all the way down to 20 degrees. In the warmer temperatures they breathe very well preventing sweat and even if you do sweat they absorb moisture like no other keeping you dry. An interesting thing I've noticed about them is after washing, they feel nearly dry before you even put them in the dryer. On the other side of the spectrum they provide excellent heat retention in cold temperatures. This versatility makes the Polartec's great for fishing throughout the day and into the night where temperatures might vary greatly. As far as durability goes, I've not had a single issue, no holes or tears of any sort. They come in three different weights, silk, medium, and polar, the silk being for milder conditions while the polar is for the more extreme. I'm not positive if my pair is the medium or the polar weight. For anyone looking for a new pair of thermals, I'd check them out, they haven't let me down. Here's the links to the medium weights.

Medium Weight Shirt
Medium Weight Pants

Interested in more ways to keep warm during winter fishing? Check out my Hot Hands post from exactly a year ago, what a coincidence.

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