Sunday, August 11, 2013

NuCanoe Upgrades

Since getting my NuCanoe frontier 12 I've made a few additional upgrades, most of which have been geared towards potential catfishing. I've yet to fully utilize some of these upgrades as of lately I haven't been very motivated about catfishing as I have been in years past.

My first upgrade was a stern light. I purchased a Yak Attack Visi Carbon Pro. This light is perfect for a kayak angler looking to fish at night. It's powered by 3 triple A batteries so powering it is simple. It's light weight and easily storable. It also is setup for easy rigging with a Yak Attack Mighty Mount which I already had. They are a little expensive at $85 but it is for a really niche market and I thought it was well worth it. You can check out all the details here.

So I installed a mighty mount on one of the rear pre molded mounting areas on the NuCanoe Frontier. Other than that it was as simple as popping the light into the mighty mount.

I also found that the light stores perfectly in the front hatch.

My second upgrade was mounting Yak Attack Geartrac's on the rim of the NuCanoe. I wanted to get my rod holders up and out of the NuCanoe to provide more space. I won two 8" Geartrac's from a Buckeye Kayak Fishing Trail tournament raffle earlier in the year. I decided to buy four more. I also bought two additional Ram rod holders. I mounted two by the cup holders, two by the front eyelets (not pictured) , and two in the front for when I'm fishing tandem.

These Geartrac's also give me more flexibility of where I could mount many other things such as a camera.  I mounted the front two using nuts and bolts but since I didn't have access to the underside on the other four I used wood screws. The strength of these wood screws in the plastic made me nervous so I tested it by inserting an 8ft catfish rod into a rod holder and bending the rod over slowly. I found that these rods applied a lot of torque to the Geartrac's and I was afraid that they could potentially be ripped out. So at this point I have no intentions of tight lining any catfish rods from rod holders installed in the Geartrac's. Other than that I have been pleased with the upgrades.

At this point the only additional upgrades I am considering is a fish finder and some sort of remote triggering camera system. I've debated the fish finder for a while but have decided to put it on the back burner for now as I don't want to give up the space. As for the camera system it is of low priority. 


  1. Just to let you know, your pictures aren't viewable.

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