Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Thank You

This weekend we fished every day as usual, however the bite just wasn't there. We fished for catfish Friday evening, fished for bass Saturday morning, and trolled for saugeye Sunday with nothing very spectacular to show for it. I did manage to take a few scenic pictures. Here's one of fog rising off the lake Saturday morning.
Saturday morning Dihardhunter, Gabriel Karns, put up a page on his blog that advised his readers to take a look at our blog. It was surprising to us that someone that we didn't personally know would go out of their way to advertise our blog on their own. With that in mind I began to dive into his blog and was shocked to see how very similar we really were.

Gabriel is a graduate of Auburn University, and is currently working in a post-doctoral research position with Ohio University in Columbus, Ohio. Therefore, his writing style is very similar to the writing style we developed in our college experience. His blog is exactly what he claims it is, a smorgasbord of information. Much of Gabriel's collegiate research has been based on White-Tailed Deer, so many of his posts are hunting related information. He posts book reviews, product reviews, hunting tips, fishing reports, DIY projects, environmental issues, etc. Recently Gabriel made the move to Ohio and is beginning to get acquainted with the streams in Ohio. Recently he has been wearing the smallmouth out, boating some well over the 18" mark. 

A college graduate who studied a natural science, who loves to fish, shares his experiences in the woods and on the water with others, has convinced his significant other to fish with him, ......dare I continue. I'm beginning to like this guy already. LOL.

I strongly suggest that everyone who has a free minute take a look at Gabriel's blog, it has a lot of good information and will prove to be very helpful for any of our readers north of our fishing area. http://www.skinnymoose.com/outdoorsmorgasbord/

While I'm at it I thought I'd take the time to thank a few other people who have helped us out along the way. First off I want to thank the guys at Catfish Freaks, catfishing forum, for putting a sub board up for our blog. I also wanted to thank everyone at Ohio Game Fishing, online fishing forum, for allowing me to place a link to the blog in my signature under each of my posts. Each of the fishing forums above have helped us draw in potential readers so we wanted to return the favor and post the links to each of them. If you haven't been to them please take a look. Feel free to look me up and send me a personal message, my username is Seanstone. 

We also wanted to thank anyone who has helped to spread the word about the blog and thank our friends and family who have supported us along the way. 

Once again,
Thank you


  1. I would like to thank you Sean. Kayak fishing with you and Amanda has been a nice change for me. Something that I love has become even more enjoyable. Last year I only kayaked alone which can be dangerous, difficult, and limiting. The company and safety helps, but the competition is what I have really been missing. Testing new water and trying new techniques is a rewarding challenge.

    The very first time we spoke you offered me local info and the depth finder. After that you offered me a spot on Kayak Wars. Then invatations to fish with you and Amanda. I hope that I can repay those favors and maybe even find some bowfin.

    I would also like to thank you and Rylan for all the info you guys share on this blog. It has helped pass many long hours of night shift. Lots of great tips and stories for all levels of fishermen.

    1. Thanks Russ. I know we haven't personally got to fish together yet but I'm sure we will. I've always read your posts on ogf over the years since you were located so close. Was always especially interested since you seemed to favor the catfish and we went through a time where thats almost all we fished for. The flatheads or unicorns as we like to call them have eluded us for many years. Glad that our paths have crossed and look forward to fishing with you.

    2. No problem Russ. Its a shame that we have lived so close and have just now started fishing together. Competition has always driven Rylan, Amanda, and myself to become better fisherman. We have grown exponentially. I remember when a 5 pound channel cat was quite the catch. ..now we see several over 10 pounds each year. The same can be said for other species as well.

      It has been a pleasure to fish with you and I look forward to seeing what the summer and fall has in store for us.