Monday, June 10, 2013

Kayak Wars

We've mentioned stuff about kayak wars on here now several times without much explanation so I thought I would explain. is an online kayak tournament that goes on throughout most of the year and is worldwide. For each region of the world a points distribution is specified for all qualifying species. You can see the points distribution here. For each species a minimum length and trophy length is specified, everything is based on length rather than weight. For example the minimum length for a largemouth bass to qualify in the north east USA region is 16 inches, and is worth 10 points. 24 inches is considered a trophy largemouth and is worth an additional 20 points. Simply take a picture of your qualifying fish on your kayak clearly showing the length and submit it on the website. There's also records for each species in each region.

You must compete on teams of 3-5 so we formed a team called esbfishing consisting of Sean, Amanda, Russ, some random guy, and me. Currently we are up to 31st place in the worldwide freshwater standings and 10th in the north east USA region freshwater standings. Currently there are 453 registered teams and 1534 registered anglers on kayak wars.

Online tournaments like this are highly based on the honor system. I have noticed some misidentified species and duplicate entries, but mistakes happen and most of them are corrected. The good thing is its free. We don't expect to win anything but it is a fun extra way to compete against each other.

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