Thursday, May 23, 2013

More Bass Fishing

Here in the last week I have got out and bass fished a few times myself and caught a couple decent fish. The first one came at a local creek that Sean has found to be a very good quality largemouth fishery. Obviously we had never fished it before getting kayaks as it was inaccessible. We've yet to catch any smallmouth from this creek which is surprising. Anyway, last week I joined Sean on the creek for some bass fishing. Skirted bass jigs have been the bait of choice. I only caught 2 bass that evening but both were around 16 inches. This was the bigger one at 16.5 inches and 2lbs 5oz.
16.5 inch 2lb 5oz Largemouth Bass
This bass was pretty fat and most likely still full of eggs, so not all bass had started spawning on the creek.

The second one was from one of our favorite lakes for bass. A 19 inch 2lb 14oz I caught Saturday morning.
19 inch 2lb 14oz Largemouth Bass
This bass was somewhat skinnier than the bass from the creek so I'm thinking it was either a male or a female that had already spawned.

My primary bait has been a 1/8oz watermelon bitsy bug jig paired with a Berkley PowerBait watermelon Chigger Chunk and all of my larger bass have come on this bait. 50% of my bites happen before I even have time to engage my reel when casting right on the bank. The other 50% are after hopping the jig along bottom a few times and I will just feel weight.

Temperatures the last 2 days have been in the upper 80's and this has shot water temperatures well up into the 70's. It appears that all the lake bass are either spawning or done spawning from my experience. They say that the big bass spawn first and that fishing slows down after spawn for a couple weeks as they recuperate. With this in mind I'm liking the idea of targeting some different species such as catfish as Sean did this weekend.

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