Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Couple Nice Ones.

Every now and then we have a trip that just isn't worth making a blog out of. Recently we have been having trips where we catch a bunch of average size fish with one or two notable fish mixed in. I recently purchased a third kayak for bringing other people along. I decided on the ascend d10t because of the price and the super wide platform. I'll write a blog about that later when fishing slows down.

Wednesday, Jake, Amanda, Russ, and I took a trip to a local lake to do some bass fishing out of the kayaks. I figured that the bass should be getting ready for spawn so they would be moving shallow and looking for nesting spots. Prespawn has always been one of our most productive times of the year for bass, so we loaded up the kayaks and hit the water. Upon arriving at the lake I noticed that the water was about a foot high and super muddy, so I had low expectations. Water visibility was very low, less than 3". I tied on a black and blue jig and decided to hit some of the shallow areas of the lake. I was the first to land a bass in a shallow creek arm. On the way out I met my little brother and decided to ask how he was doing. He said he hadn't had a I told him that I had caught one on a black jig right off the bank. At the time he was tossing a crankbait, I told him that he should switch to a slower presentation and fish near the bank. He tossed me his rod and told me to tie something on. I got in my flipping box and tied him on a weightless 7.5" Berkley PowerBait worm. I started working the mouth of the creek arm and he took off around the corner. About 2 minutes later I was talking to Russ and I see Jake paddling around the corner. I told Russ that he had a fish that he wanted to weigh....I guessed 2 or 3 pounds. Then I hear him say, "Get the camera", with a break in his voice. This is hard to explain in words but you could tell by his voice that he was super excited, that told me right there that he had one bigger than 2 pounds.

Sure enough he pulls a bass out of between his legs and I see what looks to be a 5 or 6 pound bass, as it shakes and about falls back into the water. He quickly paddled over and we took some pics, got it on a scale and released it to finish searching for its nesting site. The bass went 5lbs 0oz, and 20.75". She looked as if she was full of eggs so she hadn't dropped them yet. Her tail was red so I do think she was working on building one so it wont be long until they are on the nests.

That was about it for that day of fishing. Last week Amanda and I went out to do some crappie fishing and I managed to get a new personal best bluegill. I started at the dam of a local lake and worked my way toward the shallow end. I quickly marked a school of fish on the hummingbird, which I thought were crappie. I dropped my jig and Bobby Garland Baby Shad to the appropriate depth and started bouncing it back to the boat when I hooked what I thought was a good crappie. It put up a heck of a fight and even slipped drag a couple times. The gill went 9.25" and 9oz.

A decent fish between good trips keeps us content.

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