Monday, May 13, 2013

5/9/2013, Pre Spawn Bass

Thursday, Amanda and I decided to head out to a local lake and try for some bass. The week before my little brother landed a 5 pounder that was full of eggs, so I figured the bass were close to spawning but was hoping that they had not yet started. So I grabbed the rods and kayaks and hit the water. We got the kayaks in the water at 4pm and fished until 8:30pm. The weather channel was calling for 6mph winds and 0% chance of rain until 8pm.........well they were wrong. At about 5 it absolutely poured for a half an hour, but it felt like much longer.

Before the rain started I managed to get 2 bass right at 14" on a black and blue mop jig so my hopes were high. Once the rain started I took a few pics of the rain and continued to fish while Amanda started to complain about being wet and cold. A few casts later I hooked up with a good one. I personally thought it was much bigger when I was fighting it, but it only went 20" and 4lbs 1oz.

After a few pics we released it back and discussed the situation......lots of rain. I took a picture of Amanda who at the time looked miserable.

Little did I know that the rain would last for twenty minutes or more. After the rain had started to lighten up I took another picture, at this point I was sure she was miserable.

An hour or so later I hooked into another good sized bass. After a few jumps I got the Fish Grips on it and pulled it into the kayak. This time around it was only a 3lb 2oz, 18" largemouth. I finished the day with 6 largemouth; 2 under a pound, 2 over a pound, 1 over 3lbs, and 1 over 4lbs. Not too bad for four hours of fishing.

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