Thursday, May 30, 2013

5/26/2013 Brush Creek Float

Last Sunday we decided to float a stretch of the Ohio Brush Creek in search of smallmouth bass. We got on the water at about 3:00pm and planned on floating 3.5 miles down to the next public access where we parked a second vehicle. Sean and Amanda started out tossing large jigs with crayfish trailers, just to be using something different I started out using a Rebel Wee Craw crankbait, a bait we have known to do very well in creeks. Sean got on the board early with a small largemouth and soon after I got a small saugeye, which was a pretty surprising catch. Fishing remained consistent throughout most of the day, not really hot, but not too slow either. Most fish were on the smaller side, but that was expected fishing in a creek. To our surprise, we mostly caught spotted bass rather than smallmouth.

Amanda got the first decent fish of the day,  a 15 inch 1lb 10oz smallmouth, a new personal best for her.
1lb 10 oz 15 inch Smallmouth Bass
Sean then got the best spotted bass of the day at 13.5 inches and 1lb even.
1lb 0oz 13.5 inch Spotted Bass
Amanda also hooked into a 3lb 10oz channel cat on her jig which gave her quite the battle in strong currents. Later in the day I got a couple decent fish myself. The first was a 14oz 12.5 inch spotted bass, a little smaller than Sean's but a personal best for me.
14oz 12.5 inch Spotted Bass
The second was a smallmouth at 15 inches and 1lb 8oz.
1lb 8oz 15 inch Smallmouth Bass
All these pictured fish except for my spotted bass were caught on jigs with crayfish trailers. My spotted was caught on the wee craw crankbait.

At one of the more severe looking riffles we came across I took the liberty to shoot my first video on my NuCanoe. It turned out to not be as bad as it looked.

Even if the fishing would have been bad, the scenery alone would have been enough to enjoy the day.

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