Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Smack Tackle, 2nd Order

So far I have only had two trips where I have had the chance to use the Smack Tackle line of baits. The first trip the water was high and muddy so the bite was super slow, however I did manage a few bass. The second trip Amanda wore the fish out with the flitterbait-2. I only had 3 flitterbait-2's at this point. She quickly caught half a dozen fish before I made the switch to one of the other flitterbaits I had. I only got to catch a few wipers before Amanda had lost her flitterbait to a snag. Shortly after I tossed one off a tree and busted it, which brought the count of flitterbait-2's down to 1. At this point I quit tossing flitterbaits and tried to toss gizz3's on my baitcaster, which was a bad idea. The wind made long casts impossible with the light gizz3's. After several birds nests I decided to switch to other baits and order more smack tackle.

Of course I had to buy some more flitterbait-2's, but I did have to make the decision of whether to use a spinning reel, or buy the heavier gizz4's to use with my baitcasters. The picture below tells the rest of the story.
My boss also wanted a few flitterbait-4s to use for musky fishing, and a couple flitterbait-2's for bass fishing. I ordered 8 flitterbait-2's, 4 flitterbait-4's, 1 gizz3 (and got 1 gizz3 free. lol), and 6 gizz4's. Hopefully we get a break in the weather soon so I can get out and try the gizz4's.

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