Sunday, March 3, 2013

Little Three Mile Creek, 3/2/2013

Well I wasn't going to fish Saturday because the high temperature was in the low 30's. However my boss said he'd be willing to get out and brave the cold to catch a few fish. We got the boat in the water at 8 pm and were fishing by 8:30am. The water temperature in the main river was 38 degrees, 50 degrees at the mouth of the creek, and 66 degrees at the boils. Needless to say I wasn't too enthused with the water temperatures, but I was dead set on catching fish and avoiding the first shut out of 2013. By 12pm I hadn't had the first bite, however Jim, my boss, had landed 5 largemouth and 4 hybrid stripers. The air temperatures were frigid, however the wind was rather calm where we were fishing. I finally caught my first fish, a second, and then my third and final fish of the evening....all within 30 minutes of fishing. At 1pm we decided to head up to the boils and then drift and fish downstream to the mouth, at that point we were heading home.

Halfway through the drift, Jim hooked what looked to be a decent fish, and to our surprise he had foul hooked a small dark common carp. A few casts later and he had hooked another decent fish, however this fish was not foul hooked and it wasn't too happy about it. After a few slips of drag, and a few dives under the boat the fish had surfaced. We quickly landed the fish, took a measurement, weighed it, and released the fish to be caught another day.

The hybrid striper went 6lbs. 0oz and was 22.5 inches long, another Fish Ohio Trophy hybrid striper on the year. He was pretty happy to catch it, but to be honest I was probably more excited than he was.  Needless to say we both had a good time, got to catch fish, and get away from the house. It was pretty cold, cold enough that we had to dip our rods in the water on occasion just to get the ice off. Here's a picture of my spinning rod loaded with ice.

Half of our fishing this year has been to the warm water discharge and I'm getting tired of fishing the same stretch of water, so I'm looking forward to spring and warmer temperatures. Next weeks weather should help to melt the ice off the lakes.

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