Monday, March 18, 2013

3/15 Adams Lake Trout Fishing

Friday after work, Sean, Amanda, and I met up at Adams Lake. Adams lake is stocked with Rainbow Trout every year around the beginning of March. The trout stocking typically brings in quite the crowd of shore anglers for a few weeks after the stocking. I had some minnows left over from the previous weekend so I was hoping to find some crappie or trout. Sean and Amanda used corn for trout, a bait we have known to be productive for trout. We focused our efforts near the overflow on the deeper end of the lake. Initially I tried minnow floats set in the range of 6-12ft and also jigged minnows off the bottom. After an hour, Amanda caught the first trout and I hadn't had any crappie bites so I refocused my efforts on trout. The trout could be seen hitting the surface on occasion all over the lake. I set two minnow floats at 2-3ft while Sean and Amanda set their corn floats at 2-3ft as well. Near the shore seemed to be the most productive. We quickly caught three trout combined, one on a minnow and two on corn, and soon thereafter the bite died. It's hard to put a pattern on these stocked trout, they seem to just swim around randomly and it's just a luck and waiting game. I kept the three that we managed to catch for eating. Upon cleaning I found that two of the three trout had bellies full of corn. I decided to fillet the trout which I learned wasn't the best idea. In the past I've always had trout cooked whole in such a way that the skin and bones can easily be pulled off/out after cooking and for good reason. I found trout are full of bones, way more than what I was used to in crappie and bluegill. I salvaged what meat I could off the trout but It wasn't nearly as much as I expected. Here's a picture of the three Rainbow Trout.
Rainbow Trout

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