Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Uncle Buck's Fish Batter

Since I have been doing several fish fries lately, I've tried out several fish batter mixes. One such batter I've tried is Uncle Buck's Fish Batter Mix which can be found at Bass Pro Shops. There are several different types of the Uncle Buck's. Currently I have only tried two of the different types, one of which was by accident. The first type I tried was the Orginal Light 'n Krispy. This stuff was awesome, so good that next trip to Bass Pro I made a point to pick up some more. Unfortunately I didn't realize that I had got the Light 'n Krispy the first time and I bought just plain old original. When I opened the container at my next fish fry, to my disappointment, it wasn't the same mixture and I was confused but was hopeful that it was just as good. It wasn't bad, but nowhere near as good as the Light 'n Krispy. Later we determined that the first kind that we had tried was the Light 'n Krispy so I made sure to get this kind on the next trip. The differences between the containers is very subtle and this is what caused the the confusion. Here's a picture of both containers side by side.
Uncle Buck's Fish Batter Mix
The original batter is somewhat fine and bland in taste, don't get me wrong, it's good, just not as good as the Light n' Krispy. The Light n' Krispy on the other hand is much thicker and creates a thicker coating on the fish which cooks to a nice crisp. It's not only just thicker but it also has a much different taste which me and everybody else I know that has tried it love. Although the Light 'n Krispy does have one flaw. When applying it to the fish the batter eventually starts to get clumpy and you must use more. This causes the batter to be used much quicker than other less thick batters.

So for anybody looking to have a fish fry I would strongly recommend trying some of the Uncle Buck's Light n' Krispy Fish Batter Mix, this stuff is delicious. Just make sure you buy the right one and you will be eating good.
Fried Crappie with Uncle Buck's Light n' Krispy Fish Batter Mix

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