Saturday, December 8, 2012

Points System Modification

In the past year crappie fishing has become a much more dominant part of our fishing than in the past. It all started with a desire to fish throughout winter and we knew crappie or panfish would be an easy target. So we fished through the winter and really grew to love crappie fishing. We continued to fish for crappie in the spring and found that crappie fishing during spawn can be very exciting. Now since many other species have slowed down drastically for the winter we are once again taking many crappie trips. In the past we never focused on crappie much because we always stopped fishing around November through February, excluding fishing at hot water discharges.

With all the crappie fishing we have done this year we have noticed that our fishing points system strongly favors crappie. You can find more information on our fishing points system here. So we have decided to make adjustments to crappie points starting next year. Currently crappie are 1 point a piece and white crappie are 5 points per half pound and black crappie are 4 points per half pound. Bass are also 1 point a piece and we tend to catch way more crappie than bass on average. So we have decided to decrease crappie to one half point a piece. Also we have discovered that a half pound crappie is somewhat common with over 10% of our catches being over one half pound. So we have decided to decrease half pound points to 3 points for the first half pound only on both white and black crappie. All additional weight increments will remain the same amount of points, IE a 1lb white crappie will still be 10 points (not 8 points as 5 points is still counted for the first half pound if it exceeds the next weight increment) plus the one half base point.

These changes should help to make our fishing logs more evenly distributed and also make the random crappie catches while bass fishing less of an impact on scoring.

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