Monday, December 17, 2012

Ohio River, 12/15/2012

Saturday Amanda and I went out to the Ohio River once again to see if we could top our previous trip. This time around the river was on the way down, but still running around two and a half feet higher than normal pool. We put the boat in at Aberdeen and drove upstream to DP&L, we then tried to catch Skipjack and throw net Shad for bait. After two hours and several different anchors we had 8 large Skipjack, then we focused our efforts on obtaining Shad. We drove around looking for Shad schools in slack water areas, which didn't take long. We found a good school on a shallow point near the mouth of Little 3 Mile Creek, where the current of the creek butts up against the current of the Ohio River. With a good source of bait we began trolling around looking for any signs of fish on the fish finder. This trip we wanted to focus on fishing the river rather than targeting smaller waters such as Little 3 Mile Creek. We found a few fish in 30 feet of water east of Little 3 Mile Creek, after a few anchors we failed to bring any of them to the boat. We did notice a good deal of barge bites, but none of the fish were willing to fully commit and load the rods.

After several hours of watching nibbles, we decided to head back to Little 3 Mile Creek and see if we could find fish in the same spots that we had found them the week earlier. Sure enough, the fish hadn't moved to far. Amanda had the biggest fish of the day for the second trip in a row. She got lucky and found another decent channel in the exact same spot where she caught her 11lb 15oz  channel last Saturday. This time she had to settle for an 8lb 5oz channel cat. 

We ended up catching 10 Hybrid Stripers and 2 Channel Cats in 9 hours. We didn't find the numbers of fish that we did last week or the size of fish, but it still beats sitting at home.

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