Thursday, December 27, 2012

Best Fish of 2012

With 2012 coming to a close here is what we thought were our best fish of the year.
3lb 15oz Largemouth Bass
3lb 6oz Largemouth Bass
3lb 5oz 17.25 inch Largmouth Bass
1lb 10oz Spotted Bass
1lb 10oz 14.5 inch Crappie
1lb 8oz 14.25 inch Crappie
1lb 4oz Crappie
1lb 5oz 14 inch Bullhead Catfish
11lb 15oz Channel Catfish
10lb 5oz Channel Catfish
Two 9lb 8oz Channel Catfish
37lb 1oz 43 inch Blue Catfish
20lb 4oz Blue Catfish
14lb 1oz 53 inch Longnose Gar
9lb 10oz 26 inch Freshwater Drum
27lb 13oz 35.5 inch Common Carp
2lb 6oz Skipjack Herring

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