Friday, November 2, 2012

Dropper Loop Knot Strength Test

Since it's been raining all week I had time to do some experimenting with the dropper loop knot. When I first learned to tie the knot I questioned how it would effect the strength of the line. So using the same method as I have been In the past I tested the breaking strength. I decided to use some 6lb Stren line I had laying around as I will most likely use this knot for panfishing and lighter lines.

I started out by testing the breaking strength of the line by itself using clinch knots. Clinch knots are still my preferred knot for lighter lines. I already knew that this line maxed out at an average of 7lbs but I wanted to reassure this. The first break was right at 7lbs and the clinch knots did not slip, assuring me that the line itself failed. This was enough evidence to give me a good baseline.

I then tied the same setup but with a dropper loop knot added in the middle. Here's what it looked like.

The first break with the dropper loop knot added in was at 5.25lbs, breaking at the dropper loop knot. I then attempted the same thing again, but this time I tried to add as many wraps as I could to the dropper loop knot. The more wraps, the harder it is to push the loop through at the end. This time the dropper loop knot break at 6.75lbs, significantly closer to the 7lb baseline. I repeated this process two more times and seen similar results,  6.75lbs and 6.5lbs.

So in conclusion, I found that just like the clinch knot the dropper loop knots strength is highly dependent on the number of wraps or twists in the knot and if tied properly can be just as strong as the clinch knot. Although with multiple dropper loop knot rigs the more chance for a bad knot, a risk I will have to take. Going forth I will now have the confidence to use this knot in the field. I don't expect to have to many epic battles while fishing for crappie but you never know what you might hook.

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