Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Few Release Pictures

For quite some time we have taken release pictures of our larger fish. We were motivated after watching Robby Robinson, a well known Flathead Catfish fisherman of Ohio, take release videos of his trophy Flathead Catfish. We started taking release pictures for fun and recently I began using them for my computer desktop backgrounds. Since fishing has been slow lately, I wanted to make a post to show off some of our release photography.

In May of 2011, my little brother caught a 33 pound common carp. Rylan and I were quick to take pictures. Needless to say, Jake got a little wet.

In August of 2011 we caught an 8 pound channel while bank fishing Rocky Fork Lake. As we released it Rylan got a really cool picture of it diving to the bottom.

In August of 2010 I caught a 14 pound flathead from a local lake, which gave us a good release picture as it created a decent size wake.

This year we got to get a few different angles as we released fish from the boat. Below is a pretty neat looking picture of a nearly 15 pound flathead from the Ohio River.

We don't always focus on the larger game species, we also take pictures of panfish. Here is a picture I took of a decent 3 pound 6 ounce hybrid striper as it began to throw water into the boat this September from the Ohio River.

This May I took a picture of a 1 pound 10 ounce Crappie.

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