Thursday, September 6, 2012

Selective Harvest Pond Fishing Part 2

Last Saturday, Sean, Amanda, and I went to my pond to do some more bluegill harvesting. We wanted to do are usual Saturday night catfishing but the forecasted hurricane rains made us decide otherwise. The doppler looked bad and they were calling for 2-5 inches of rain so we played it safe and fished my pond. It ended up raining next to nothing, unfortunate because we are in need of it. The target range was once again 5-7 inch gills, although for the sake of our filleting sanity we only kept 5.5-7 inch gills. We all used typical bluegill techniques with small jigs, floats, and nightcrawlers. Several of the gills caught were still really skinny. The average size was about 6 inches and the biggest was about 8 inches. Between the three of us we caught approximately 100 bluegill in 3 hours and kept 55. Sean and I made quick work filleting them, after filleting so many bluegill this year we've become quite good at it.
55 harvested bluegill
The most interesting part of the trip was Amanda caught a tagged largemouth. Since I tagged 12 largemouth back in March/April this is the second tagged fish caught. The tag was ripped out on the first tagged largemouth so no data could be recorded. This one still had the tag attached. It was tagged March 9th at 11.0 inches and measured 11.75 inches on September 1st. At this size the bass appears to be growing over an inch per year. It will be interesting to see how the growth continues over the years assuming the bass continues to get caught and the tag remains in place.

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