Sunday, September 9, 2012

Finding and fixing leaky rivets

A few weeks ago I noticed that I had some water in the boat after a long catfish outing, with winter on its way, I knew I had better fix the leaks while the weather was still comfortable. I started by removing all of my accessories: rod holders, fish finder, batteries, anchors, floors, etc. I then began filling the boat with water.
As the boat filled with water I adjusted the trailer up or down as to distribute the water evenly. As the water approached the water line I turned the garden hose off and crawled under the trailer to look for any signs of water.
I found that a few of my old patches had started leaking. I quickly marked off all of the leaky rivets and drained the boat. I then took the boat off of the trailer and flipped it over on its top. I then began to scrape the old patches off and re-sand the surfaces around the rivets. I cleaned the surfaces with dawn dish liquid to remove any residual dust left over from sanding.
I then applied JB Weld WaterWeld to the leaky rivets. I have found that it has been by far the most effective and longest lasting patch.
Below is a picture of the JB Weld WaterWeld applied in half-dollar sized circles on the leaky rivets. I will re-paint the patches black.

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