Thursday, September 13, 2012

Abu Garcia 7000i, 7000c3, 7000cs Differences

I have often wondered what the differences between my Abu Garcia 7000 models were. A year ago I purchased a few used Abu Garcia 7000's, including a 7000i, a 7000ic3, and a 7000ics. You can see that by the price the 7000i is cheapest, 7000ic3 is the mid range model, and the 7000ics is the most expensive and supposedly of the highest quality. I have done a little research and I know what random people on forums, blogs, and other websites say about the differences between each model. I have heard that the 7000ics (Pro Rocket) has more bearings than the 7000ic3 and 7000i, that the bearings are sealed in the 7000ics, the 7000ic3 and 7000ics have bearings and the 7000i has bushings, that the 7000ics has a better drag system than the 7000ic3, etc.. Since I have all three models I decided to take a look for myself.
Above is a picture of a 7000ics, 7000ic3, and a 7000i from left to right. I began by removing the left side plate tension knob and removing the bearing/bushings located inside the tension knob.
The 7000ics and 7000ic3 had bearings located within the tension knob, and the 7000i had a bushing. I then took the side plate off and began looking for differences. I found that other than the clicker mechanism the rest of the parts were similar. I then took the right side tension knob off and removed the bearings and bushings of each reel.
Once again I noticed that the 7000ics and 7000ic3 had similar bearings, while the 7000i had a bushing. These bushings/bearings hold the spool off of the side plates and aid in easing the friction of the spool spinning. Essentially the bearings sit on each side of the spool as shown below.
I then began taking the the side plates off of the frames and disassembling the right side plate. I'd like to state here that taking apart newer model reels is slightly difficult and frustrating the first time you take them apart. I have taken these reels apart several times and have misplaced many parts, which have taken many hours to figure out the proper placement. You notice that I now place parts in order of the way I take them off the reel, that way I know which parts go on first. Its also important to note that some washers are bent and need to be placed on the exact same side every time as to provide proper spacing. Below is a picture of each reel taken apart as far as needed to expose all parts.

 Immediately I noticed that the 7000i had a plastic spacer, whereas the 7000ic3 and 7000ics had a sleeve and bearing system. Shown below.


7000ics (Pro Rocket)
Up to this point the 7000i had three bushings, the 7000ic3 had 3 bearings in place of the bushings/spacers, and the 7000ics had the same 3 bearings as the 7000ic3. So as far as bearings go, the 7000ic3 and 7000ics were exactly the same. So I then began looking to see if the drags were different.
It turns out they are exactly the same as shown above. So I have learned that other than paint the 7000ic3 and 7000ics are identical, and anyone who bought a new 7000ics paid $20 or more for a different paint job and golden trim. As for the 7000i it lacks 3 bearings that the 7000ic3 and 7000ics have but costs significantly less. (Approximately $50 less than the 7000ics, and $30 less than the 7000ic3) In my opinion the 7000i will cast, in most cases, just as far, and land fish just as quickly as its higher priced brothers. When tossing large live baits for flathead, or hand sized cutbaits for blue cats, one will hardly feel a difference if at all. Maybe if you were surf fishing, fishing below a tailwater, competition casting, or tossing small baits and weights over 80 yards you would feel a difference. In most cases the approximately $50 saved would buy (or help to buy) a set of ceramic Boca bearings that should far exceed the performance of the bearings found in the 7000ic3 and 7000ics.


  1. Wow dude, this is an awesome review. Thank you so much for sharing... I used this to buy myself a little gift and went with the 7000i, it was significantly less expensive while having the same feel as the other models. Now I know the internals without having to buy the rest thanks to you. I've heard a few people mention Boca bearing around the web, I might take a look at those. SO thanks for the insight!

    1. Thanks for reading! Glad you found it helpful.

  2. My name is Jeff and I am the new Fishing Reel Account Exec at Boca Bearing, give me a call at 1800-332-3256 and I will get you set up with all your bearing needs.

  3. I have often wondered what the differences between my Abu Garcia 7000 models were. A year ago I purchased a few used Abu Garcia 7000's, ...