Friday, July 20, 2012

Spider Wire Stealth Braid

A month or two ago I tried braid for bass fishing for the first time. I was hesitant to try it, since I had such a bad experience with it while catfishing. I once bought a spool of $50 Suffix braid and spooled a reel with it for catfishing, flathead fishing specifically. I spent several trips using the reel and I waited patiently for a bite. Something like 100 hours of fishing later I had my first run on braided line. I engaged the reel, and then set the hook. I didn't even get to feel the fish before the line snapped. I got home and peeled the braid off and re-spooled with monofillament. I have since matured a little and I have became slightly wiser. I once tried using circle hooks for catfishing and used them incorrectly and swore never to use them again. I quit using them, and it wasn't until recently a very dedicated friend convinced me to give them another try. Now everyone I fish with uses circle hooks when catfishing. Therefore, I decided to give braid a shot for bass fishing. This time around I decided to leave the spools a little over half full of mono and fill it the rest of the way with braid. This allowed me to spool two reels with the single spool of braid. I began using 20lb braid with my Abu Garcia cardinal 101 spinning reel (ultra light) and my Abu Garcia Silver Max baitcasting reel. After a few casts with the ultra light I realized that the braid made the reel too hard to reel and I didn't want to sacrifice reel smoothness for sensitivity. So I quickly removed the braid from that reel. On the other hand I really liked using braid on the bait casting reel. It had enough cranking power to handle the braid.
Abu Garcia Cardinal 104 and Silver Maxx
A week ago I tried braid on a larger spinning reel, Abu Garcia Cardinal 104. After a few casts I realized that it handled much better than its smaller cousin the cardinal 101. It was slightly harder to reel but not nearly as difficult as the smaller spinning reel. Rylan had mentioned that maybe the reason the ultralight reel had such a hard time reeling was that the line was too strong/thick. Maybe in a few months he, or I, will spool an ultralight with smaller/weaker braid and give the cold water crappie a shot with improved sensitivity.

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