Monday, July 2, 2012

July 1, Quick trip

Amanda and I got all of our chores taken care of by 5pm and decided to take the boat out for an evening of bass fishing. I checked the weather and there was 30% chance of a thunderstorm, so with the odds in my favor I hitched the boat and started on my way. We got the boat in and started fishing by 6pm. We hit the best spot on the lake first, the dam. The banks are steep and the vegetation stops at the edge of the water, most times the bass will actually sit in the vegetation on the bank and come out and hit the bait in the first few twitches or cranks. This time around the bass were not on the banks. We got around to the other side of the dam, and I switched from a crankbait to a plastic worm and started vertically jigging structure in 6-10 feet of water. As soon as the worm hit the bottom there was a fish on. Another cast and another fish later, Amanda started jigging structure as well. As Doug Stange of In-Fisherman would say, "One fish a pattern does not make", however two fish is a good start.

The second piece of structure we fished I pulled in a 1lb 8oz largemouth on the first cast, lost a slightly larger one on the second cast. Amanda on the other hand got snagged on her first cast, so we trolled into the structure so Amanda could try to unsnag herself. The trick we use to unsnag our bait is reeling the rod up to the jighead, under water, and pulling the opposite way you were reeling. After a minute of erratic jerking Amanda finally broke off. So with all the fish scared off I decided to troll to the next piece of structure. As she was retying I took the first cast, when I asked for the net she hadn't even got the jig tied on. Needless to say she wasn't happy.
17.25", 3lb 5oz Largemouth
3lb 5oz Largemouth
Released to fight another day.
A few casts later I heard a distant rumble, I looked to the northwest and noticed an ominous cloud on the horizon. I asked Amanda if she wanted to keep fishing, which on any other day she would have said no, but this time around she was persistent on fishing until the storm arrived. Twenty minutes and several small bass later, we could barely keep the boat in position with the trolling motors on high. So we had to call it a day.
The round of storms that ended our fishing.
All together we only got to fish 1.5 hours and I managed 6 largemouth (2 over a pound, 1 over three), 2 crappie, and 2 bluegill. Not too bad for an hour and a half, I had over 16 points per hour which is the best average for a single fishing trip ever recorded. If I had fished till dark, I probably would have ran into a few fishless areas which would have dropped my points per hour average. Then again, maybe I would have found a few more decent fish. 

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