Friday, June 8, 2012

Spike It Garlic Dip-n-Glow

A week ago I went to Bass Pro Shops to pick up a few things, and after an hour or so of looking around I decided to pick up a few new things to try out. This week I started experimenting with Spike It Garlic Dip-n-Glow.
I also picked up a couple packs of swimbaits during the trip. So my first baits to Spike were the swimbaits. In the picture below the top row of swimbaits are the actual colors of the swimbaits and the bottom row are the swimbaits after they have been Spiked.
The dip itself is acidic (acetone) which causes the plastics to breakdown rather quickly, so be careful not to leave plastics in too long. One positive is that it makes the plastics softer, which will give the bait more action. The next plastics I Spiked were grubs, tube baits, and other various soft plastic lures I had lying around.
Of course my favorite Spiked lure is the wobblehead worm. The first time I dipped wobbleheads I only dipped two worms. Of course the spiked wobblheads worked well and I went through the two in a couple hours. Second time around I made a few more. I chose to do three of each of my favorite colors. (Left to right, Chameleon, Purple, and Motor Oil.)

 Although the worms don't look like they have changed color very much, once they get hit by light or enter the water they really look neat. (The pictures don't do it justice.)

I like the idea of the worms and swimbaits having a bright tail because if you have ever seen small bluegill in the water they have bright colored tails as well. I also like the idea of changing my lures color, because when I fish from the boat with Amanda, Rylan, or Jake, they typically throw wobblheads too. I typically sit in the last seat and drive the transom mounted trolling motor, which means I get to fish spots that have seen a lure or too already. Things get rough when your the third person on the boat throwing the same bait as the first two people.

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