Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rebel Wee/Teeny Crawfish

At the end of May we decided to take a break from fishing for largemouth and start targeting smallmouth. Although we enjoyed fishing with wobblhead 3" worms for largemouth, we decided to give another bait a try. After reading fishing reports for years on Ohio Game Fishing we knew that the Rebel Wee Craws were hot baits for smallmouth and other stream fish. So with that in mind I picked up a few from Walmart and hit the creek.
Rylan joined me for my first WeeCraw experience, however he tossed an inline spinner bait. After an hour of wading Rylan had to make the switch. At the end of the trip we had nearly a dozen smallmouth, a few drum, hooked and lost some huge drum, and a dozen gills. After loosing a Teeny Craw to a drum I only had one left.

A couple days later Amanda, Jake, and I waded Brush Creek for smallmouth once again. Amanda took the only Teeny Craw so I tossed a Rapala floating minnow. At the end of the trip Amanda had caught more than Jake and I combined. So, we made a stop at Walmart on the way home.
Now that we have got a few trips in using the Wee/Teeny Craws we know why so many people use them.
8oz Rock Bass
1lb 6oz Smallmouth
One evening I waded Brush Creek by myself and managed to set a new species record in one day, 7, all on the Teeny Craw. I caught Bluegill, Rock Bass, Smallmouth, Spotted Bass, Largemouth, Drum, and a White Crappie. Needless to say, I won't fish streams and rivers without Rebel's Wee/Teeny Crawfish.

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