Monday, June 25, 2012

Boat Sold

Last week was a busy week although no notable fishing trips for me. Tuesday I sold my boat without the motor. Friday I made plans to meet a guy from Akron at Buckeye Lake to sell the motor. He wanted to meet in the Columbus area so I suggested that we meet at Buckeye Lake because I'd never been there and wanted to check it out and maybe cast a line a couple times. We arrived at the Leibs island boat ramp around 7:20pm to find quite the crowd of shore anglers. Five minutes later the motor buyer arrived and I successfully sold the motor. After talking for a while with the buyer he parted ways and I decided id try to fight the crowds on the shore to try and catch a fish. I made it my goal to catch at least one fish from the lake while I was there, I figured I'd find a bluegill no problem. This wasn't the case, the lake was very choppy and murky so fishing was tough. I made my way to a concrete wall throwing a wobblehead. After about 30 minutes I was starting to lose hope and was contemplating leaving defeated. Finally I got a bite and set the hook into a decent fish on my 4' 6" ultra light. I brought a 1lb+ channel cat to the surface and managed to drag it out of the water with my 4lb test. Excited and relieved to catch my first Buckeye Lake fish I released the channel to fight another day. I didn't weigh the fish but it was probably around 1.5lbs, nothing huge but a good first fish. After a few more casts without any bites I decided I was satisfied and hit the road for a long drive.

With everything sold, all except for my Lowrance fish finder which I've decided to have Sean mount on the bow of his boat, It's time to look for a new boat. After doing some looking around over the past few months my favorite option so far is a G3 gator tough jon boat. The criteria I'm looking for in the new boat includes the following:
  • Can catfish 4 people somewhat comfortably.
  • Has transom and bow mount trolling motors for easy 2 person maneuvering in tight places.
  • Has an Outboard motor big enough to travel big waters, such as the Ohio River, in a reasonable amount of time
  • Can run somewhat shallow yet be stable enough for big waters, such as the Ohio River.
  • Can take a beating on rocks and stumps
I'm thinking a used one may be my best bet so I'm not as worried about hitting stuff, but I've yet to price a new one. It may not be until next year but I will be on the lookout for my next boat. This weekend I'm taking a vacation to some rivers in West Virginia to do some trout fishing and possibly some other species. It should be an interesting trip and I'm sure I will have lots to blog about when I return.

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