Friday, May 4, 2012

Largemouth Fishing This Week

Did some largemouth fishing the last 3 days with decent success. To start things off Wednesday I went to my pond to see how the bite was doing since the weather really warmed up this week. I ended up catching 7 largemouth in 2 hours which is pretty good numbers for the pond. All were around 11 inches which is average for the pond. Caught them all on a weightless Berkley Wacky Crawler. Surface temperature was 74 degrees. Didn't catch any of the ones I tagged earlier this year.

Thursday, after Sean informed me that the water was up a few feet at Rocky Fork Lake I decided to hit a local public pond. Started off throwing the Berkley Wacky Crawler again and quickly caught my first largemouth of about 10 inches. Later I noticed many panfish were stacked up on one side of the pond and switched to a 1.5 inch Berkley Power Grub on a 1/32 jig. I ended up catching 2 small crappie and 3 bluegill on the grub. When dusk rolled around I got out a Rebel Popper, I've been on a top water kick this spring. Cast about 20 with no bites before hooking into a decent one. Battled it through some thick weeds before landing it. The largemouth weighed 2lbs even and was 17 inches. Rather skinny for a 2 pounder but was fun none the less.
2lb 0oz 17 Inch Largemouth
I ended up catching one other largemouth on the popper that was around 12 inches

Yesterday I figured the water was back down at Rocky Fork Lake so I headed up to one of my favorite bank spots after work. Picked up some frozen shad from the local bait store so I could see if any catfish were biting while I fished for bass and panfish. Started off jigging nightcrawler for bluegill and found that the bluegill were no were to be found, possibly spawning already. After a good while I hooked into something and thought I was snagged only to find out it was a decent size fish. I pulled the fish to the surface long enough to catch a glimpse of an approximate 3lb largemouth only to have the hook pop out. After the disappointing loss I switched up baits to specifically target largemouth. First tossed a crankbait around with no luck. I Then switched to a Spot Remover and hooked into a nice one on the first cast. Brought it to the surface only to have the hook pop out once again, this one was about 2lbs. Immediately cast back in the same spot and hooked another one and finally landed a 1lb 3oz largemouth. Not the big ones I had just lost but better than nothing. This bass had noticeable signs of spawning so its safe to assume that these fish were on their beds at this spot. The bass were hitting my bait in defense of their nest thus I wasn't getting good hook sets. I continued fishing the spot remover with no more bites. Also didn't get any bites on cut shad while I was bass fishing. Water temperature was 73 degrees.

On a side note Bob my bullhead has been extremely active this week. He usually stays under his rock most the time but this week he has been out and about a lot. This got me wondering, does Bob still have reference to what time of year it is and thinks it's time to spawn? He has been in the aquarium for about 2 years so it is an interesting question. Regardless, I'm taking it as a sign the catfish are on the prowl and should be biting good. Hope to get out tomorrow and do some catfishing and prove this theory. I took a quick video of Bob in action, It is dark but I didn't want to spook him.

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