Friday, May 25, 2012

Fishing Injuries

Over the last decade Rylan and myself have had several injuries related to fishing. Rylan has only suffered minor injuries, such as embedding lures into his leg, getting an occasional severe poison ivy outbreak, getting his foot ran over by the boat trailer, etc. But for the most part I have gotten the worst part of the deal. Several years ago I was bass fishing Rylan's pond and managed to catch a 6lb channel catfish on a crankbait. As I start to take the hooks out, the channel made a few good head shakes and buried it's pectoral fin into my hand. The pain initially was mild, but I could tell from Rylan and Amanda's facial expressions that the injury was far worse than I had feared. After several good pulls and ripping skin I managed to get the pectoral fin out and released the channel to be caught another day. I continued to fish and the wound became infected. A day later I made a trip to the emergency room to get antibiotics.

Last week I was putting the boat into Adams Lake in Adams County, Ohio. Its a small lake at 47 acres, and is restricted to electric motors. The only ramp is quite shallow and is hard to get the boat in the water without getting wet. So trying to avoid getting wet, I walked the trailer in order to push the boat the rest of the way off the trailer. After pushing the boat off the trailer, I begin to make my way back to the bank. At this point my foot began to slip and I lost balance. In a last ditch effort to stay dry I made a leap to the bank. As I landed I hit a mossy spot on the ramp and landed hard on my knee and foot. The boat was in the water already and I wanted to fish. An hour into the trip I feared that the wounds would get infected so I dumped some anise oil onto my wounds. I had anise in my bag for adding scent to my plastic baits. Anise is 70% alcohol so I figured it would be better than nothing. Four hours later I had fished as long as I could, it was time to go. When I got home I took a picture of the damage.
Its been a couple days now, and I still have a modest amount of pain, swelling, and a good limp. After several people had shared their opinions, I do believe that I have broken a toe or two. Its a good thing I have a boat so I can fish while I recover. Maybe I'll get to bank fish sometime next week.

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