Thursday, April 19, 2012

Selling my boat

So I've decided to sell my boat. Main reason being I plan on purchasing a bigger and better boat sometime soon. It has been a good boat and has seen some nice fish, many nice Channel Cats including my personal best of 11lbs 4 ounces. I purchased the boat summer of 2010 and it was my first boat. Being my first boat and with no prior boating experience it came with many learning experiences.

The boat is a 1976 Ebbtide trihull. It's 15' and some inches, maybe 15.5'. Weight capacity is 1185lbs, max motor size is 65 hp. The previous owner stripped the inside of the boat and added a deck and three chairs. It's very stable and doesn't have any leaks. It has a working bilge pump, stern light, and red/green navigation light. Also included are three life jackets, two oars, two anchors (one mushroom style and one homemade), an Autocraft marine battery thats less than two year old, and a Lowrance Mark 5x Pro fish finder which I bought new last year (manual included). The boat has a bow mount trolling motor but its currently not working. Last trip out, which was about a month ago, it quit on me. It may be possible to fix but may need replaced. The trailer has a spare tire and working taillights.

The boat is equipped with a 2006 9.9 hp Mercury Bigfoot (9.9 ELH BF 4S to be exact). It was originally purchased in 2008 and probably has less than 10 hours of running time, we never traveled very far. The motor is in great condition, was kept inside during the winter, and runs perfect. I have the motors manual and the manufacturers statement of origin. Included with the motor is a 3 gallon tank, an Autocraft starter battery, and a motor stand.

$2400 or best offer. Here's some pictures.

Update June 2012
Sold the motor for $1500
Sold the boat minus the fish finder for $400


  1. It’s actually a nice boat, Rylan! But, try to approach selling your boat methodically. If you do so, you’ll get the very best price, and you’ll minimize the effort and grief as well. To know whether you have set the ideal price on your boat, benchmark prices from your local newspaper classifieds. You should also prep your boat up to make it even more attractive.

    Melanie Daryl

    1. I sold the boat back in June but thanks for the comment! I updated the post to reflect the sell.

  2. Melanie is right. That is one nice boat! Well, seeing as how you were so decided to buy a bigger boat, maybe your decision was just right. Your first boat will teach you lots of valuable things, including the basics of sailing. Anyway, I just hope you find a new boat that would teach you new things about the whole practice.

    @Mark Brown

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