Sunday, March 11, 2012

My First Cast

Maybe I was born to fish. Maybe I just happened to meet somebody who enjoyed fishing and through friendly competition and the drive to excel, fishing became a way of life. Most likely the latter option but I can dream. Afterall, before I met Sean I probably fished maybe 10 times a year compared to more than 80 times a year now. Even if I wasn't born to fish, I still had one amazing first cast. I like to think that I can remember it, but in reality I'm probably just picturing it from the stories that I've been told. This is the true story of my very first cast.

The year was 1992, I was 3 years old. My first day of fishing. My dad took me fishing for the very first time. Up a hill that probably seemed like a mountain at the time and into the woods to our beautiful 1 acre pond. Too small to even cast, dad cast my line into the water most likely with a plastic worm for bait. So technically I didn't even make my first cast. Dad ventured off on his own fishing endeavors while I stood, pole in hand without a clue what was about to eat my bait. Soon thereafter I was yelling "I got one! I got one!". Dad rushed over to help as a struggled with the monster on the end of my line. He helped me reel in the fish, an approximately 3lb Largemouth Bass on my first cast of my life.  Dad continued to fish and caught a couple smaller ones. He has always joked that I caught a bigger bass than he had his entire life on my first cast.

My first Largemouth Bass

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