Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Misc Fish Pictures

Here's a look at some of the best pictures of the fish that we have caught in previous years that just don't fit into any of the other categories (bass, catfish, and carp). These are the fish that we just don't catch or target enough for them to deserve there own category of pictures. This also includes the fish that are incidental catches, the best example being Freshwater Drum. Nearly all of the biggest Drum we have caught have been while fishing for catfish.

5lb Drum
8lb Drum
8lb Drum
8lb Drum
8lb Drum
7lb Drum
7lb Drum
12lb Longnose Gar
8lb Longnose Gar
2lb 3oz Crappie
14oz 12.75 inch Crappie
14oz 12.5 inch Crappie
Possible state record contender 6 inch Longear Sunfish
7 Saugeye 2-3lbs, 2 Largemouth Bass 2-3lbs
18lb Snapping Turtle

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