Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2/26 Panfish Trip

Another typical Sunday on the water for me. Fished Rocky Fork Lake all afternoon until sunset (12pm - 7pm). When I arrived I caught a crappie on a wax worm jig on the first cast. Excited that it seemed that it was going to turn out to be a good day, my morale was lifted. Boy was I wrong. I ended up fishing around 4 hours without any bites soon thereafter. The wind was pretty bad at around 20mph all day and this could have been the biggest cause. Hard to see the light winter bites when the wind is blowing your line all round not to mention the choppy water. Even though my spirits were down I continued to fish as I already had made my mind up to fish until sunset. My persistence and patience did end up paying off. Around 5pm It was like somebody flipped a switch and the wind was gone, the water calmed. With the wind gone I started getting bites nearly every cast. I found the fish holding within a couple feet of bottom in about 15ft. Ended up catching 9 bluegills, 3 crappie, and 1 white bass on the day with all but one crappie coming in the last 2 hours until it was too dark to see. All fish were caught jigging a wax warm near bottom in 12-15ft except for the white bass. The white bass came on a minnow under a float at about 13ft. Also measured the surface temperature at 43 degrees.
The biggest bluegill of the day
white bass enjoying a tasty minnow
Not a great day, but not too bad there at the end either. Moral of the trip, don't fish for panfish in the winter if the wind is strong, and never give up, the weather or fishing could change in an instant.

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